Summer flyer 2014-15In the first Reflections© 101 post I talked about the suggested steps for a successful program. I am in the process of completing the first two steps I mentioned there:

  • Organize a team of volunteers
  • Advertise, promote the program at your school – start before the school year ends, so that the children can think about the theme, or even start working on their art work during the summer break.

Having had done the programs once before, I had a few volunteer parents whom I could approach about next year’s help. Be prepared, that not everybody will be available or interested in joining your team from the previous year. I was looking for a core committee to start working with now, and in the fall I will ask for more help with specific tasks (collecting art work, checking entry forms, etc.). Decide in what areas you might need more help (my Excel skills are not very good, so I need to find one person who can help me there), and look for parents with those skills. Having an interest in arts certainly helps, but not required. One important item on our preparation list is to find judges for every category (and have a few back up judges as well.) Try to do this during the summer.

This is what I am doing for advertising the program:

  1. I have ordered two banners (2’x8′) that have the basic information about Reflections printed on it (program title, logo, categories), but I asked for some blank space on the banner as well. I will write next year’s theme on it, as well as due dates and other important info. I want to be able to change this info during the competition, as well as from year to year. The banners will be placed by our two drop off areas. (OC locals: I ordered the banners from a Tustin based company – Fairlypink (website). I worked with Loubna Bensaid in the Sales Department.)
  2. I have also designed a summer flyer that announces the competition, its art categories and grade divisions (see top right image). The flyer also mentions an early-bird deadline and a final deadline. (For 2014 I set these for October 1 and October 8.) The flyer is decorated with some art works from this year’s competition. The printed flyers will be placed in every classroom, and an e-version will be sent home in a school email soon. To find detailed information about rules, etc. the parents need to visit our school website.
  3. I’ve been working with our school’s news team as well. We’ve created 3 very brief (less than a minute long) videos to play on th school news. These videos inform about the most important aspects of the competition, in a catchy and visual way.
  4. Finally, start planning out your whole program. It helps to know when you need to turn in the local winning pieces to your council (city level). Our date in Irvine is going to be at around November 1, 2014.  Here is my timeline:
  • Early-bird entry: October 1st (we give out a small present to the children turning their art work in early – if you are reading this at the end of the summer: Michael’s has lots of little items for 50% off on the 1-2 dollar item shelves. I’ve just picked up about 50 items to put into my Early Bird treasure chest for less than $45.)
  • Final entry: October 8
  • Checking art works and paperwork (is everything filled out? size requirements, etc.) October 9-10.
  • Judging: week of October 13.
  • Announcing winners: October 20 or 21.
  • Starting to set up gallery in library: October 21-22.
  • Gallery ends on October 31. Winning pieces are delivered to council.
  • I do not have dates yet for celebrating all participants. Don’t forget about this!

I hope I’ve given you a few pointers about how to start advertising Reflections. Please post any questions you might have.

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