This morning I headed out to the district where I lived the year prior to moving to the USA: Óbuda (3. District). I got off the tram at Zsigmond Square (2. District), because I attended a once-a-week English class in that area during that last year. Then I started walking on Bécsi Street, which has been renovated almost completely in the past few years. I soon reached the Amphitheater, which are the ruins of an Ancient Roman Military Amphitheater. I was able to walk inside of it last year, but the area is now closed. I then walked to Flórián Square, where it started raining. Luckily, I was able to go into the underground walking passage, where there were more Ancient Roman ruins. Finally, after the rain mostly stopped, I walked to Fő Square and Szentlélek Square, where they were building the stage for an upcoming concert series. I might come back to check out the festivities.

Enjoy the tour! (Directions and direct link to the gallery under the map.)

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